Leap Day 2024 Doodle | How Google Celebrated the Extra Day with a Froggy Game


Leap Day 2024 Doodle game

  Every four times, we get an  redundant day in February, known as Leap Day.

 This time, Google celebrated this rare occasion with a special portrait featuring a frog and a game.

 In this composition, we ’ll explore what Leap Day is, why Google chose a frog for its portrait, and how you can play the game yourself.

  What's Leap Day and why do we've it?

  Leap Day is the 29th day of February that occurs every four times. It's added to the  timetable to keep it in sync with the Earth’s route around the sun.

 Without Leap Day, we'd lose about six hours every time, and after 100 times, our  timetable would be  out by 24 days. 

  The reason we need Leap Day is that a time isn't exactly 365 days long. It actually takes the Earth about 365.2422 days to complete one revolution around the sun.

 This is called a tropical time or a solar time. To make up for this difference, we add an  redundant day every four times, except in times that are separable by 100 but not by 400.

 For  illustration, the time 2000 was a  vault time, but the time 2100 won't be.  

Leap Day 2024 Doodle Game

Why did Google choose a frog for its Leap Day portrait?

Google is known for creating  delightful and interactive etches to celebrate  colorful events and occasions.

 For Leap Day 2024, Google chose a frog as the main character of its portrait and game.

 The frog is marked with the date “ February 29th ” and is  deposited between “ February 28th ” and “ March 1st ”.

 As the frog  hops, the “ February 29th ” date disappears.   The choice of a frog isn't  arbitrary.

 It's a clever reference to the word “  vault ”, which means to jump or spring.

 Frogs are known for their capability to  vault high and far, and some species can indeed glide in the air.

 Frogs also emblematize  metamorphosis, renewal, and fertility, which are  befitting themes for a day that marks the  morning of a new cycle. 

How can you play the Leap Day 2024 portrait game?

The Leap Day 2024 portrait game is a simple and  delightful way to pass the time and celebrate the  redundant day.

 The game is accessible from the Google homepage or from the Google Etches library.

 To play the game, you need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard or the buttons on your screen to move the frog left and right.

Leap Day 2024 Doodle Game

 The  thing is to catch as  numerous canvases  as possible while avoiding the obstacles and adversaries.

 The game has four  situations, each with a different background and theme.

The  situations are  Pond The first  position is set in a pond, where the frog has to avoid water lilies, dragonflies, and fish. 

 The game is easy to play but hard to master. You need to time your  hops precisely and avoid falling or getting hit.

 The game also has a score counter and a  timekeeper, so you can challenge yourself and your  musketeers to see who can get the loftiest score and the fastest time.

Garden The alternate  position is set in a  theater , where the frog has to avoid flowers,  notions, and  draggers.

  timber The third  position is set in a  timber, where the frog has to avoid mushrooms, spiders, and snakes.

  Sky The fourth and final  position is set in the sky, where the frog has to avoid  shadows,  catcalls, and aeroplanes



  Leap Day 2024 was a special day that only comes  formerly every four times.

 Google celebrated it with a portrait and a game featuring a frog that can  vault and catch canvases .

The portrait and the game were both fun and educational, as they tutored us about the reason for Leap Day, the symbolism of frogs, and the diversity of nature.

 However, you can still pierce them from the Google Etches library and enjoy them anytime you want, If you missed the portrait and the game. Happy Leap Day! 🐸

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