Sheep Dog n Wolf - A Clever Puzzle-Platform Game


Sheep Dog n Wolf


Outsmart the Wolf: Use your wit and gadgets to outsmart the cunning wolf in Sheep!

Sheep! (also known as Sheep Dog 'n' Wolf) is a beloved puzzle-platform game that was my released in 2001 for various gaming platforms. 

Developed by Infogrames and based on the popular Looney Tunes characters, the game offers a unique and entertaining gameplay experience.

 Players take on the role of Ralph, a clever sheepdog, as he embarks on a mission to outsmart a sly wolf and rescue the sheep. In this article, we will delve into the details of Sheep!, exploring its gameplay mechanics, storyline, and notable features.



Sheep! combines elements of puzzle-solving, platforming, and stealth. 

Each level presents players with a different environment and a set of challenges to overcome. 

Ralph must use his wit and various gadgets to outsmart the wolf and complete each mission successfully

The core objective of the game is to steal the sheep from under the wolf's nose without getting caught.

 Players must navigate through intricate levels, avoiding detection by the cunning wolf and other hazards. 

Ralph can utilize a range of tools and gadgets, such as disguises, traps, and contraptions, to distract and outwit the wolf.

Sheep Dog n Wolf game

The game features a mix of puzzle-solving and platforming elements. Players must carefully plan their moves, considering the wolf's patrol patterns, environmental obstacles, and the sheep's positions.

 Timing and precision are crucial to successfully completing each level.


Sheep! incorporates the timeless Looney Tunes characters into its storyline.

 The game centers around Ralph, a humble and clever sheepdog, and his ongoing rivalry with the wolf. 

The wolf, always scheming to capture the sheep, presents a formidable challenge for Ralph.

Challenging Puzzle-Platforming: Navigate through intricate levels, solve puzzles, and overcome obstacles to rescue the sheep.

The game takes players through various themed levels, each with its own unique challenges and settings.

From farms to construction sites, players must navigate through a variety of environments to complete their objectives. 

The levels progressively become more challenging, requiring players to think creatively and use their tools effectively.

Notable Features:

1. Gadgets and Tools: 

Sheep! offers a wide array of gadgets and tools for players to utilize. These include disguises, decoys, catapults, and more.

 Each gadget serves a specific purpose and can be strategically used to overcome obstacles and outsmart the wolf.

Sheep Dog n Wolf game

Humor and Charm of Looney Tunes: Experience the delightful and humorous world of Looney Tunes characters in Sheep!

2. Humorous and Quirky Gameplay:

 The game captures the humor and charm of the Looney Tunes franchise. Players will encounter amusing animations, slapstick comedy, and clever dialogue throughout their adventure.

3. Replayability

Sheep! provides a high level of replay value for players. 

Each level offers multiple ways to complete the objectives, encouraging experimentation and creative problem-solving.

 Additionally, players can aim for better scores and faster completion times, adding an extra layer of challenge and replayability.


Sheep! (Sheep Dog 'n' Wolf) is a delightful and engaging puzzle-platform game that has captivated players since its release. 

With its unique blend of puzzle-solving, platforming, and stealth elements, the game offers a challenging and entertaining experience.

 The Looney Tunes characters, humorous gameplay, and diverse levels make Sheep! a standout title in the puzzle-platform genre.

 Whether you're a fan of the Looney Tunes franchise or simply enjoy clever and strategic gameplay, Sheep! is definitely worth a play.


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