The Holy Quran App Your Comprehensive Guide to Reading the Qura


An Exceptional Quranic app that includes many features that make it stand out among other apps

The Holy Quran App

The application is in Arabic, especially for those who are Muslim

 The app is characterized by its colorful pages that make reading the Quran more enjoyable and easier.
 It also contains many useful options that help users improve their Quranic experience

 Reminder for Duaa The app includes a reminder for Duaa feature, where users can set a specific time to remind them of the Duaa.
 Users can choose the type of Duaa they want to be reminded of, such as Duaa for praying on the Prophet, Duaa for parents, Duaa for the sick, and other types. 

The application works without  internet

This feature helps users stay connected with Allah at all times. Tasbeeh Counter The app also includes a Tasbeeh counter, where users can set the number of Tasbeeh they want to complete, and then the app can count for them.

 This feature helps users to continue practicing Tasbeeh and Zikr in their daily lives.
 Simplified User Interface The user interface for Al-Mujawwad app is simple and easy to use.

Simple and easy to use application 

 Users can easily and quickly access different pages in the app and navigate between them with ease.

 Colorful Pages The colorful pages in the Al-Mujawwad app are a great feature that helps users improve their Quranic experience.

 They make reading more enjoyable and continuous, and the different colors help identify verses and chapters easily. 

 Al-Mujawwad is an exceptional app for Quran lovers, as it combines colorful pages and valuable features such as Duaa reminders and Tasbeeh counters, and much more.

 If you want to improve your Quranic experience, then Al-Mujawwad app is the perfect choice for you.

The Holy Quran App

The Holy Quran App

The Holy Quran App

The Holy Quran App

The Holy Quran App

why we invite you to download this app ? 

We invite you to download the Holy Qur’an application with colorful signs, an alarm to remind you of supplication, and a counter for praise. 

This app is perfect for those who want to have the Qur’an with them at all times, and it provides a convenient way to keep track of your daily prayers and supplications.

 With its colorful signs, the Holy Qur’an app makes it easy to navigate through the various chapters and verses of the Qur’an.
 The app also features an alarm that you can set to remind you of supplication times, ensuring that you never miss a prayer or a chance to connect with Allah.

 In addition, the app includes a counter for praise, allowing you to keep track of your daily praises and stay on top of your spiritual goals.

 With its user-friendly interface and convenient features, the Holy Qur’an app is a must-have for anyone who wants to deepen their connection with Allah and stay connected to the Qur’an.

 So why wait? Download the Holy Qur’an app now and start exploring the beauty and wisdom of the Qur’an. 

With its colorful signs, convenient features, and easy-to-use interface, this app is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to stay connected to their faith and deepen their spiritual practice.


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